New Term….

Welcome to September, back to school and back to yoga.
September can be a stressful time for children, starting new schools or going into a new class with a brand new teacher so why not try a little yoga to help keep them calm. We have a new term starting week 11th Sept and as well as having tons of fun in class I do teach them handy tips for calming anxiety and helping them to relax. Here are a couple of things you can remind your yogis to do:

1. Belly Breathing – hands on tummy and breathe in slowly through the nose sending the air down into the tummy – they feel their tummy push against their hands and then slowly breathe back out through the nose and the tummy goes back down. Once the get the sensation of the air filling the tummy they won’t need to use their hands and they can do tummy breathing anytime & anywhere they feel anxious, worried or tense.

2. Mini Meditation – to calm the mind and help improve concentration. If they can sit cross legs on the floor then great but if they can’t it can be done on a chair. Close the eyes if able, if not focus on something in their eye line but look through it rather than at it. Then focus on touching each finger to the thumb while saying the magic mediation words – Peace begins with me – in class we say this out loud but if they are in a classroom they can just say it in their head at least 5/6 times. As the mind is concentrating on the fingers and the words it gives the brain a chance to settle and the crazy monkey mind stops jumping from thought to thought.

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